Reduces lipogenesis

Uniqueness. Activating AMPK
TRS is a scientifically-backed supplement, engineered to regulate metabolism and activate AMPK. It contains NMN, a compound scientifically proven to aid in the repair of obesity-associated genes, promote detoxification, and foster a healthy metabolism.*
Activating protease
Our product enhances energy metabolism and promotes fat oxidation. Additionally, it contains two potent botanical extracts specifically formulated to stimulate AMPK activity.*
Fight belly fat
Jiaogulan stimulates the AMPK enzyme to achieve youthful levels and activity, thereby aiding in fat burning and promoting healthy cellular metabolism. *
Our product is designed to boost metabolism, aid in muscle repair, and foster muscle remodeling. NMN, a key ingredient, contributes to enhanced muscle repair and aids in preventing muscle loss.*
Our product supports cellular detoxification, weight management, digestive health, immune system wellness, and cardiovascular health.*
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Benefits of TRS
Our product aids in reducing lipogenesis (especially the storage of belly fat), assists in suppressing appetite, facilitates the removal of toxins from the body, and supports the maintenance of healthy blood sugar levels that are already within the normal range.*

What are the benefits of TRS?

Restoring AMPK enzyme activity may contribute to the rejuvenation of youthful vitality and assist in combating the accumulation of excess fat. By boosting AMPK, cells transition into a survival mode, ceasing the storage of new fat. Instead, they begin to burn the stored fat—a process akin to the effects of calorie restriction.*

Why is boosting AMPK important?

As we age, the activation of cellular AMPK diminishes, potentially leading to the accumulation of excess fat given that AMPK regulates body fat composition. To mitigate the effects of aging, it is crucial to rejuvenate AMPK production. Multiple strategies can be employed to achieve this goal, such as regular physical exercise and calorie restriction, which can be further supplemented with the appropriate dietary aids.*

Why is increasing NMN important?

A study on obesity was published in the globally-renowned journal 'Nature' in 2019, highlighting that the increase of NAD+ levels within the body can enhance the activity of mitochondria within cells and improve cellular vitality. This effect mimics that of physical exercise, boosting the body's metabolic capacity and preventing the growth and accumulation of fat cells. The paper suggests that, with this mechanism, weight gain could be controlled regardless of the quantity of food consumed.*
NMN can support your journey to "gain muscle and lose fat", aid in the repair of obesity-related genes, and enhance your body's metabolic function.
What are the side effects of TRS enhancers?
There is a limited body of research concerning the use of our product by pregnant or breastfeeding women. As a result, we recommend refraining from its consumption unless specifically advised otherwise by your healthcare professional.
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TRS is a scientifically-backed supplement formulated to help regulate metabolism and activate AMPK. It contains a unique blend of Jiaogulan extract, NMN, fedegoso extract, phaseolamin 2, lemongrass, and hibiscus extracts that are proven to help repair obesity genes, detoxify the body and support healthy metabolism.


Actiponin gynostemma extract
Yeast β-NMN, Fedegoso extract10%, Phaseolamin 2,
Lemongrass, Hibiscus

How to use

Maintenance: 1 capsule per day
Strengthening: 2 capsules per day
PS: Eat 30 minutes before fasting meal in the morning, or 1 hour before going to bed


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